2008 Dodge sprinter 2500

170" wheelbase, high roof diesel, 160k miles

Located in Gilbert, AZ

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The van has two aftermarket, venting windows. The sliding door window and the drivers side window are both CR Laurence. This helps with bringing natural light into the van and opening the space up to feel more like a home and less like a windowless cargo van. It also helps with air circulation throughout the entire space when you open the windows and crank the Dometic Fantastic Vent (above the bed) on exhaust to pull air into the van.


The flooring is a durable laminate "pecan" tongue and groove. The countertops are 1" thick solid oak butcher block for a beautiful and natural look with the white cabinetry.

The ceiling is 1/4" tongue and groove aromatic cedar planking. It looks clean and natural and smells amazing. The walls are also 1/4" panels. Using 1/4" allows for more head space within the van.

Behind the walls and ceiling is both 1.5" (ceiling) and 2" (walls) foam insulation boards with all cracks, crevices and spaces stuffed with Ultratouch denim batting. Behind the insulation is also a layer of Reflectix and a layer of Rattletrap sound deadener (straight onto the metal of the van). This isn't "soundproofing" like most people think but it does deaden the rattle and vibration of thin sheet metal to turn your home from a rattling tin can into a much more quiet ride.


This rolling home also features 12 LED puck lights. They have a nice warm tone that creates a cozy atmosphere in the van at night.

They are configured as three sets of 4. That means you can control which areas of the van are light up if you don't need them all on at once. 4 lights above the bed, 4 in the middle section, and 4 towards the front.


You definitely are not missing out on a good nights sleep in this van. In addition to it being fully insulated, it also features a KING size bed. Technically it is just under king width, but it is as wide as you can go (wall to wall) and 80 inches long. The mattress is a super comfortable 4 inches of memory foam. The fan is directly overhead to create airflow from the front windows or to just gaze at the stars as you fall asleep. 


The bed is high enough to fit mountain bikes, road bikes, etc underneath plus a TON more gear for pretty much any activity you're into. I haven't fully loaded it up with bikes yet, but I know 4 will fit just fine and still leave gear room for camping, climbing, backpacking, etc. This space is HUGE. 

Under the bed is also where the 20 gallon water tank (for the exterior Eccotemp shower- not pictured) and the house batteries are stored. This water tank is in addition to the 12 gallons of water that can be found under the kitchen sink.

The batteries are two 12v Vmax Tanks at 155ah each bringing you to a total of 310ah of battery storage. To charge this battery bank, you have 200w of flexible solar panels on the roof. There is a fuse block wired into the batteries and everything else in the van (pumps, switches, outlets, fan, lights, fridge, etc) all go into the fuse block to protect anything from blowing out.


The sink cabinet is located in the sliding door entryway. It extends into the entryway about 12 inches, leaving you with just under 4 feet of width for getting in and out of the van (plenty!) The sink and faucet are both brushed stainless steel. The sink is deep enough and wide enough to actually wash your dishes in the van. The faucet is high for filling up large pots, water bottles, etc. Water comes to the faucet by way of a 12v Shurflo water pump under the sink. This drains through the floor of the van, so use biodegradable soap or place a container below to catch the water when in use. There are two 6 gallon Reliance jugs under the sink for fresh water storage.


Next to the sink is the location for the Nature's Head composting toilet. If you don't know anything about this toilet, do your research, read the reviews on Amazon, etc because this thing is AMAZING. We use one in our van and absolutely love it. Theres no black tank (yuck! who wants to empty that??), no chemicals, additives or special toilet paper, and no waste of water each flush. It is vented through the floor of the van thanks to a small fan that runs 24/7 (very quietly) and a hose so that constant airflow is keeping conditions right for the compost process. There is literally NO SMELL (maybe maybe occasionally from the coconut coir) and easily one of our favorite additions to our van. 

The toilet area utilizes the counter above. It is hinged and the door opens out, creating somewhat of a "shielded" area of privacy while in use without losing the useful space of the countertop. If you think this is too gross, vanlife may not be for you :)


Similar to the opposite side, the countertop space between the closet and the stovetop also hinges up to reveal access to the fridge. This is a Dometic 65l fridge/freezer combo. The left side is a freezer section leaving the other 2/3 to be used as a fridge. Thats right, you get freaking ice cream in this van! ...and you don't have to deal with melted ice (or buying ice) and soggy, wasted food. 


Directly to the right of the fridge is a two-burner Wedgewood Vision propane stove, also made by Dometic. There is a Manchester propane tank in the cabinet directly below the stove so its easy to manually open and close the propane valve. There is a carbon monoxide detector for safety and windows and fan should be open while in use. Directly below the propane tank compartment (which is big enough to store a lot more items as well) is a slide out drawer for pots, pans, etc


The van features a large closet for hanging clothes, coats, dresses, or other larger items. You could also use this to store shoes, etc below the hanging items. Below the closet is two very large slide-out drawers for storage (clothes, gear, food, etc).


There is a slide-out storage chest with a lid that comes out from underneath the bed, directly below the storage compartment with the two doors. This chest is obviously storage, but also doubles as a step for getting up onto the bed and a small seat for relaxing while cooking dinner, etc.


Directly above the window, over the fridge/stove area of the van is a shelf that can be used for books, food, etc. 


There is a TON of storage in this van for food, clothes, gear, kitchen supplies, etc. It is very spacious and very comfortable. 

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