• The van has a brand new paint job that was done in august. 
  • Raptor Bedliner was sprayed on the bottom half of the van including the bumpers, it is extremely durable!
  • There are 3 dark-tinted windows that let in plenty of light during the day but still block people from seeing in for privacy
  • It has new tires that were put on 4000 miles ago. 




  • The van runs really well. I've had it since July and and have driven it from Utah to Colorado to Arizona and now back to Utah. 
  •  While I was in Arizona converting the interior, I replaced the radiator and fan clutch in September at the same time.




  • Rattletrap sound deadener
  • insulated with R-Touch Denim and Reflectix (floor, ceiling and walls)

  •  The walls are 1/4 inch cedar plywood. 
  • The ceiling is made up of 1/4 inch tongue and groove cedar planks. I made this is thin as possible to make as much standing room as possible. I am 6' with shoes on and I can stand up inside! My hair barely brushed the ceiling. 
  • The flooring is a beautiful, durable, water resistant dark laminate, it is 1/2 inch java scraped oak. 
  • The countertops are 1" thick oak butcher block that ties in the beautiful wood colors of the van. 
  •  The bed is big enough for a king size mattress! 
  • There is a closet and three drawers directly underneath which is plenty of storage for clothing. You can hang up clothes or a suit. 
  • There are several other drawers and cupboards for food, cleaning supplies and all the other things you want to keep on hand. 
  • Underneath the bed is a huge storage area. It can easily fit a bike or two if you remove the front wheel, several snowboards, or pretty much anything else you want.




  • 2- 90 Watt Goal Zero solar panels are mounted to the roof. 
  •  2  Vmax AGM deep cycle 12V 125ah batteries. That is a 250ah power bank, plenty of power to run fans, lights, pumps and a fridge! Everything is wired to a fuse block so nothing will blow up and cause a fire. 
  • 2  Fan-Tastic Vent fans are mounted in the ceiling and provide plenty of airflow. 
  • A dual USB port is mounted into the countertop so you can charge phones or a camera from your bed. 
  • A 20' Luminoodle runs around the top edge of the interior. The lights can change color and be set to different modes. 
  • 2 sets of 3 puck lights run down the center of the van. They provide plenty of lighting throughout. One set is over the kitchen area, the switch is conveniently located so that you can turn it on before you even step into the van. The second set is over the bed and can be dimmed/adjusted via remote or a switch right by the bed. 
  • The same puck lighting is mounted under the bed incase you need to get into storage after the sun's gone down!




  •    A Whynter 62 quart fridge/freezer will keep anything you want cool or frozen. This fridge/freezer combo is super energy efficient and the two separate compartments can be set at different temperatures. 
  •    I installed a full sink and a tall faucet because I didn't want to have to deal with washing dishes in a tiny bowl and cramped area. 
  •    A 12v Shurflo water pump mounted under the sink is connected to 12 gallons of freshwater. 
  • Across from the sink is a 2 burner stove. There is an 11 lb Manchester propane tank in the cupboard directly below. Also in that cupboard is a carbon monoxide detector for safety. When the stove is in use a window should be open or one of the fans should be running.