We sold our first van and built another one! Most people would look at it and think, compared to our last, that we just used different wood stain and paint. While the floorplan is very similar, much has changed and it is much more comfortable and convenient to us.

This one is 2 years newer and has:

  • less miles (140k instead of 350k)
  • a bigger fridge
  • a freezer
  • working heat and a/c
  • more solar
  • larger battery bank
  • larger inverter
  • longer and wider bed
  • better storage solutions (drawers!)

the build

(First van)

  • seat for the baby
  • inset cooktop
  • composting toilet
  • more water storage
  • propane heated shower
  • solar heated shower on the roof
  • 12v water pump for sink faucet 
  • more insulation
  • more windows


(First van)